Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions
Harold S. Geneen

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Our Website Policies

Copyright Statement

Copy It Right - You are welcome to share information with an acknowledgement

The majority of the stories, quotes, images and resources found on 'A Gift Of Inspiration' or in 'InspirEmail' may be reproduced or forwarded to your friends, business associates and colleagues with an acknowledgement to both to the original author or source and this website. All we ask is that you respect our request and at all times please make sure that you 'Copy It Right'.

Author or Source Unknown - where we are unable to acknowledge

A number of the stories, quotes, images and resources have been sourced via the public domain and often the original author or source can not be confirmed or acknowledged.  'A Gift Of Inspiration' and 'InspirEmail' does not reproduce such stories and quotes with the intent of avoiding acknowledgement or copyright.

Should an author or source become known to us after publishing it on 'A Gift Of Inspiration' or in 'InspirEmail' then we always undertake to provide the appropriate acknowledgement on the website or in a subsequent issue of  'InspirEmail'.

Copyright - You are asked not to share without written approval from an author or source

Where a story, quote, image or resource has been published on 'A Gift Of Inspiration' or in 'InspirEmail' and the author or source has not given permission for it to be reproduced in any other form, then it will be indicated by 'READ AND VIEW ONLY - PLEASE RESPECT THE AUTHOR OR SOURCES COPYRIGHT' notation. Should you wish to seek permission from the author or source to reproduce a story, quote or image - please send a letter or e-mail request to the author or source seeking permission to reproduce it.

Acknowledgement of the author, source and this website

You are welcome to distribute or publish a story, quote, image or resource which appears on 'A Gift Of Inspiration' or InspirEmail' that is not subject to our request for 'READ AND VIEW ONLY - PLEASE RESPECT THE AUTHOR OR SOURCES COPYRIGHT'.  All we ask is that you provide an acknowledgment to the author or source and either 'A Gift Of Inspiration' or InspirEmail' . 

An example acknowledgment is shown below:

Written by Keith Ready
(plus include the relevant bio and contact details).
This story appeared in InspirEmail No 125 and to view more inspirational stories please visit 'A Gift Of Inspiration' at . . .

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