Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Positive Inspirational Images

Positive inspirational images to refresh the spirit and boost the emotional bank account

On this page is a selection of positive inspirational images, messages and stories sent to me by friends and visitors to the website, as well as subscribers to InspirEmail. I am indebted to the wonderful people who have created many of these sensational images and stories to inspire us all. To view them, simply click on the title and then enjoy the inspiration.

To view some of these images you may need to allow download of the file on your Internet browser, once this is completed - allow up to 45 seconds for the image to download and open. Please note that some of the larger images may take a minute or two to download, so please be patient and ensure that you have your speakers turned on as some of the inspirational images and stories include commentary and music.

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You can copy any of the PowerPoint images or stories by right clicking on the file icon and then on 'Save Target As' - then save it to your desktop or a selected folder. If you come across an inspirational image or story not posted on this page or the website, I would be delighted to receive and review it, simply forward it to Keith Ready at

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Inspirational Movie or Image

Appreciation (Added 11th September 2008)

A Peacock in the Land of Penguins (Added 1st October 2008)

A Thousand Marbles (Added 21st January, 2006)

Attitude is Everything (Added 6th June, 2011)

Billions in Change (Added 18th January 2016)

Celebrate Imagination (Added 1st December 2007)

Change is Good (Added 1st June 2008)

Crash Course on Customer Service (Added 8th December 2010)

Dolphin Bubbles (Added 31st July 2010)

Do I make you proud (Added 26th April 2010) - Absolutely sensational message

Do You Remember Love (Added 8th April 2007)

Dreams are whispers from the soul (Added 7th July 2008)

Enjoy the Ride (Added 25th March 2009)

Even Eagles need a Push (Added 12th August 2009)

Great Quotes from Great Women (Added 12th November 2010)

How full is your bucket (Added 13th October, 2010)

Hug for the World (Added 10th December, 2010)

Imagine (Added 30th September 2005)

Interview with God (Added 11th September 2005)

Inspiration - 365 days a Year (Added 8th January 2009)

The Invisible Me (Added 1st April 2011)

Irish Blessing (Added 23rd February 2008)

Johnny the Bagger (Added 2nd March 2008)

Learning to Dance in the Rain (Added 8th December 2010)

Life is like a cup of coffee (Added 31st July 2010)

Life equals Risk (Added 10th December, 2010)

Lost Generation (Added 21st March 2009)

Make a Difference (Added 8th April 2007)

Nature's Inspiration (Added 23rd November 2008)

No Glass Ceiling, Just Blue Sky Movie (Added 28th August 2008)

One Flaw in Women (Added 17th July 2010)

Paradigm Shift (Added 18th, May, 2011)

Pulling Together (Added 6th November)

Power of Kindness (Added 12th January 2011)

Rock Solid Leadership (Added 27th September 2008)

Small Business Success (Added 8th November, 2008)

The Best Way Out (Added 28th November, 2009)

The Dad Movie (Added 17th June 2006)

The Dash Movie (Added 15th July 2006)

The Essence of Leadership (Added 21st August 2008)

The Most Precious Gift (Added 22nd December 2008)

The Light Beyond (Added 18th June 2008)

The Nature of Success (Added 21st March, 2007)

The Power of Love (Added 10th December, 2010) 

The Power of My Way ( Added 16th January 2006)

The Reflection Movie (Added 24th February 2009)

The Speed of Success (Added 2nd August 2008)

The Starfish (Added 21st January 2006)

Train of Life (Added 1st May 2008)

The 212 Movie (Added 18th February 2007)

The Wonder of it All (Added 17th September 2005)

The 10 Commandments of Leadership (Added 21st April 2011)

Turning Problems into Solutions (Added 9th December 2010)

What makes a best friend (Added 10th December, 2010)

Wisdom of Wolves (Added 6th June 2010)

You can Win (Added 13th January, 2011)

You can't send a Duck to Eagle School (Added 31st July, 2010)

Inspirational PowerPoint Images

About Dogs and People (1221K) Added 8th April 2007

A Great Day (267K) Added 15th July 2006

Amazing Photos No 1 (1527K) Added 16th June, 2007

Amazing Photos No 2 (1162K) Added 16th June, 2007

A Tale of Nails (314K) Added 19th October 2005

Are you Rich or Poor (489K) Added 24th October 2005

Are You Happy (817K) Added 12th June, 2010 - Please note this PPS is in read only format

Attitude (166K) Added 17th September 2005

Be Happy (4289K) Added 11th October 2009

Beginning Today (1509K) Added 27th March 2010

Being a Mother (902K) Added 10th May, 2007

Birds and Sayings (3035K) Added 20th July, 2008

Black & White in to Colour (3386K) Added 20th July, 2008

Fire Rainbow (1567K) Added 23rd September 2006

Four Things to Remember (448K) Added 2nd July, 2007

43 Inspirational Quotes (194K) Added 15th September, 2008

Fantastic Trip (1158K) Added 21st February, 2009

Friendship (571K) Added 15th July 2005

Good Lessons (545K) Added 25th September 2005

Happiness is a Voyage (883K) Added 30th December 2005

I Like You (420K) Added 20th August 2006

Inspiring Photographic Reflections No 1 (1686K) Added 30th March 2006

Inspiring Photographic Reflections No 2 (1920K) Added 23rd September 2006

Life (1093K) Added 26th March 2010

Live a Life That Matters (697K) Added 11th September 2005

Life is Life (146k) Added 18th November 2007

Life on the Train (608K) Added 18th November 2005

Love Comes First (530K) Added 11th September 2005

Magnificent Photos and Quotes - No 1 (1559K) Added 20th August 2006

Magnificent Photos and Quotes - No 2 (1347K) Added 20th August 2006

Moments (261K) Added 10th October 2005

Mothers in all Colours (1462K) Added 5th July 2008

Paradox of Our Times (993K) Added 18th June 2006

Philosophy of Old Age (5145K) Added 26th March 2010 

Pretty Blue Planet (1241K) Added 30th March 2006

The Butterfly (338K) Added 11th September 2005

The Pencil Parable (553K) Added 6th August 2006

The Four Candles (177K) Added 11th September 2005

The Most Powerful Words (649K) Added 17th September 2005

The North Pole (54k) Added 17th February 2007

The Simple Life (3633k) Added 20th June 2010

The Wisdom of Hot Chocolate (926k) Added 20th June 2010 

The Wise Old Man (663k) Added 4th March 2007

Time waits for no one (322K) Added 25th September 2005

To be Happy (605K) Added 30th December 2005

Sensational Photos and Quotes (651K) Added 10th October 2005

Seven Wonders of the World (207K) Added 17th September 2005

Winter Snow (2092K) Added 27th March 2010 

Wishes (1767K) Added 25th September 2005

Who Packs Your Parachute (1693K) Added 13th January 2008

You will be able to go far (1094K) Added 11th September 2005

Inspirational Products and Services

An Uplifting and Inspirational Gift (569K) Added 21st October 2005

Symphony of Love - Timeless Quotes (570K) Added 14th October 2006

5 Parables of Inspiration (140K) Added 14th October 2006

Positive Messages and Stories to Inspire You (319K) Added 26th July 2008

If you don't have PowerPoint as part of your computer program, you can download a FREE viewer at . . . PowerPoint Viewer >>>

Inspirational Music and Songs

Mike and the Mechanics -The Living Years - 1989 (Added 28th May 2010)

Paul Carrack - The Living Years - 2013 (Added 28th May, 2015)

Christopher Cross - Sailing (Added 28th May, 2010)

Little River Band - Cool Change (Added 28th May, 2010)

The Amazing Fountain (Added 2nd June 2010)

The Prayer (Added 1st August, 2009) 

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