InspirEmail No 206 - May 2, 2011 - Now he can see!
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Now he can see!

Throughout our lifetime, we will face many challenges. How we meet these challenges determines our character. I am reminded of a story about a young man who played, or should I say practiced, American football at a prestigious university. This player was not very skilled and was never allowed to play; yet, he was loyal, never missing a practice.

His name was Jerry and his coach, who was deeply impressed with Jerry's loyalty and dedication to his team, also marvelled at his extreme devotion to his father. Several times the coach had seen Jerry and his father laughing and talking as they walked arm in arm around the campus. The coach had never met the father or talked to the boy about him.

One day, on a night before an important game, the boy knocked on the coach's door and asked, 'Coach, my father just passed away. Would it be okay if I missed practice for the next few days to go home for the funeral and visit my mother?'

'Yes,' the coach said and watched the boy walk away, full of sadness.

A few days later, the boy once again knocked on the coach's door and asked, 'Coach, I'd like a favour, could I start the game tomorrow in honour of my father.'

The coach, impressed with the young man's dedication agreed, then worried the entire night, as this was an important game for the team. The boy had never played before and his skill level was not quite as good as other team members. However, the coach had promised and the young man went into the game on the very first play.

'Oh, no!' the coach groaned as the opening kickoff floated to this young boy. The coach expected the worst, but surprisingly, the young boy grabbed the ball and ran several yards until he was finally tackled. Impressed, the coach kept him in for the next play. When the quarterback handed him the ball, he was able to gain 20 yards. During the next play, the quarterback again handed him the ball and he went for another 20 yards.

Finally, a few plays later, the young man went over the goal line and scored a touchdown. Everyone, including the coach, was stunned. Amazingly, the young boy continued at this pace for the entire game, running for many yards and intercepting a pass on defence to help his team with the game. After the game was over and his team had won, the coach asked Jerry, 'Son, what happened out there? You can't play as well as you did, you're not that fast and you're not that strong.'

The boy looked at the coach and said softly, 'You see, coach, my father was blind and this is the first game he ever saw me play.'

Author Unknown

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