InspirEmail No 245 - November 12th, 2012 - He had a go
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He had a go

It was a cool spring evening in Melbourne, Australia. I drove to my boxing gym for a Friday night training session. After warming up and strapping up, I started training. Then I noticed a tall and slim young man walking through the doors. There was something about him that caught my attention.

Before long, I realised that he may have a mental illness. Having volunteered for mental illness support groups and drop-in centres, I came from a place of empathy when I looked at him.

He paid for the session, strapped up, put on a pair of gloves and then started hitting the punching bags. I watched him from a distance and wanted to help him to punch straighter and better. I felt it was best to leave that up to the trainer who was also watching him.

After a few seconds of punching the bag, he stopped and started staring at the ceiling. The trainer went up to him and offered to help him. It was almost like he woke up from a dream, once he broke eye contact with the ceiling.

Then the bell rang and it was the end of the round. Between rounds we do five push ups. So all the boys that were training that night did five push ups. He struggled to complete his five push ups. The bell sounded again and the next round began. He punched the bags for a few seconds and then he stopped. This time he was staring at the walls which are decorated with boxing posters.

It was clear to me that he could not concentrate for long.

When I finished training, I decided to go up to him and offer him my help. I held the bag for him and asked him to punch. He hit the bag a few times and he stopped again.

I smiled at him and asked 'Do you like boxing?'

He replied with a very shy look on his face 'Yes, boxing is alright.'

What else could I do than be in awe of this man and his willingness to give it a go. Most people put self imposed limitations on their lives and stop themselves from having a go. I kept thinking about this man while admiring him for even turning up to a boxing gym, let alone training at what appeared to be his hardest.

There are many lessons to be learnt from this man

1. Despite what you look like, it is what is on the inside of you that matters the most! Your looks have nothing to do with your willingness to have a go in life.

2. Despite having what others may call limitations, only you can decide on what your limitations are and what your capabilities are.

3. Why care about what others will think of you? The only opinion that will ultimately matter in your life is that of you.

4. Sometimes in life doing what is totally unexpected can be good for you. Most people would not have expected to see this man at a boxing gym. Yet, he went there because it was something that he liked.

5. Regardless of what happens, in the end you can always reflect on the journey or the process and learn valuable lessons which will support you in the future.

What I really admired about this man was that he had a go! That is what separates mediocre from greatness.

So, what will you have a go at?

Written by Ron Prasad who is the author of 'Welcome to your life' - simple insights for your inspiration and empowerment. He is also an inspired speaker who empowers his audience with his enthusiasm and energy. His passion is inspiring and fulfilling lives, and sharing his insights with people around the world. He actively supports animal charities in many countries.

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