InspirEmail No 248 - January 7th, 2013 - Not everyone in need has a brick
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Not everyone in need has a brick

A successful man known for his philanthropy was driving his new car through a poor part of town. He'd driven the route hundreds of times before on his way home.

A young boy tried to flag him down. The man was in a hurry and didn't want to get involved, so he pretended he didn't see him. The traffic signal turned red, though. As he slowed for it, he heard a loud thud. The boy had thrown a brick at his car!

The man burst out of the car and grabbed the boy. 'You juvenile delinquent!' he screamed. 'You'll pay for this or go to jail!'

'I'm sorry, mister,' the boy cried. 'My mom's lying on the floor in our apartment. I think she's dying! Our phone's been cut off and I've been trying to get someone to stop. I didn't know what else to do! Take me to jail, but call a doctor for my mom first.'

The man was filled with shame. 'I'm a doctor,' he said. 'Where is she?' The grateful boy took him to his apartment. The man administered CPR and called an ambulance.

'Will she live?' the boy sobbed.

'Yes, son, she will,' the doctor said.

'Then it's worth going to jail. I'm so sorry I hit your new car. You can take me in now.'

'You're not going anywhere,' the doctor said. 'It was my fault you had to throw a brick to get my attention.'

The doctor made sure the boy was taken care of, and as he drove home he resolved not to fix the dent. He would keep it as a reminder that not everyone in need has a brick to throw.

Written by Michael Josephson

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Small Acts of Kindness

The possibilities for small acts of kindness are endless. Here are a few examples . . .

Open the door for someone with his or her arms full.

Call someone who has not been feeling well.

Give someone a very generous tip.

Teach a child to play a new game.

Ask your housekeeper to stay for dinner.

Surprise a family member by doing their chores for them.

Send an unexpected thank you card to someone who provides a service for you.

Read a story to a child.

Smile at the next person you see.

Tell someone that they are doing a fantastic job.

Say a prayer for someone in need.

Share an inspiring story or thought.

Small acts of kindness speak in loud voices. They say 'I care, I am concerned, I respect you as a person, and I want to share joy with you!' Today, give someone a smile by performing a small act of kindness. By giving a smile, you will create two smiles, one for the other person and one for you.

Written by Steve Brunkhorst

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There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few that will catch your heart. Pursue them
Author Unknown

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