InspirEmail No 277 - March 17th, 2014 - Walking through life
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Walking through life

An unusual thing happened to me a few years ago. I spoke casually with a woman who served tables at a restaurant I frequented. We knew each other by first name only, but usually chatted for a few minutes each time I dined there.

One day, she asked me, 'Do you have a son about eight years old?'

'What has he done?' I thought. I nodded yes.

She pressed on. 'Does he play soccer?'

When I said that he did, she asked if he played in a game the previous week at a particular field. Again, I answered, 'Yes.'

'I thought so,' she smiled. 'I saw him and thought he must be your son.'

Since there were tens of thousands of young boys in the city, I was amazed and exclaimed, 'I didn't know he looked that much like me!'

'Oh, I didn't see his face,' she said smiling as if she were keeping a secret.

'Then how did you know he was my son?' Now I was puzzled.

'I was just sitting in the car, and I saw a little boy in a baseball cap walking across the field to join his team. He walks like you.'

Walks like me? Now I was curious. How do I walk? Since I'm doing the walking, I don't notice how I look to others. Maybe I could watch him amble around to get an idea.

That said, how we walk down a street and how we walk through life are very different things. Perhaps I can't help how I walk down a street, but I want to be intentional about how I walk through life.

Through life, I want to walk gently. I want to treat all of life . . . the earth and its people with reverence. I want to remove my shoes in the presence of holy ground. As much as possible, I want to walk in peace.

I want to walk lightly, even joyfully, through whatever days I am given. I want to laugh easily. I want to step carefully in and out of people's lives and relationships. I don't want to tread any heavier than necessary.

And throughout life, I think I would like to walk with more humility and less anger, more love and less fear. I want to walk confidently, but without arrogance. I want to walk in deep appreciation. I want to be genuinely thankful for life's extravagant, yet simple, gifts . . . a star-splattered night sky or a hot drink on an ice-cold day.

If life is a journey, then how I make that journey is important. How I walk through life. But still I wonder how I look when I walk down a street.

Written by Steve Goodier

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