InspirEmail No 328 - July 2018 - Dreams should be nurtured
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Dreams should be nurtured

When we are young, we have lots of dreams and expectations. We imagine things, we keep thinking about what we want to be, what we want to do, what makes us proud and happy and what will we become.

Then as we grow up and things seem like having their own way, we accept our success or failures and we move on. The rapid change, the need to do the urgent things, the work, the pressures and the failures all serve to kill off all or part of our visions.

Whilst things and circumstances may have changed but they should not take away the dreams. We still have to dream on, to visualize our desires, our wants, our vision of our future, even when we are considered too much older for such things.

Cornel Sanders started his business when he was sixty and started the KFC business. The main thing is not your age, whether being too old or too young, but it is the desire to dream on and have the courage to nurture and realize them.

Vivid visualization - taking it to sleep, thinking constantly about it, talking about it and planning for it, adds all the spices to our dreams that will help take us a closer to their realization.

All entrepreneurship starts with a dream, a simple wish of tiny restaurant operation, or a huge business of real-estate development, or a modest training centre for English education, or just any other form of self-employed money earning fun.

The ability to dream on is one of the fine qualities of the human race that other species do not possess. So, dream on and put a deadline on achieving them - be it a giant one, a tiny one, an old everlasting one, a newfound one, a hobby related one, a change of life one, a religious one, a stupid one, a stroke-of-genius one, or just whatever - just continue to dream on.

Then, just go and do it!

Author Unknown

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