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Seeing things clearly

A young married couple moved into a house in a new neighbourhood and the next morning, while they were eating their breakfast, they both noticed whilst looking through their kitchen window a neighbour hanging washing on her clothes line.

They both agreed that washing didn’t look very clean and wondered if their neighbour knew know how to wash correctly. Perhaps she needed better laundry detergent or even a new washing machine.

Every time over the coming weeks when their neighbour hung her washing to dry, they both made the same or similar comments to each other.

One morning about one month later, the husband was surprised to see very clean washing on the neighbour's clothes line and noted that perhaps she must have learnt how to wash correctly.

The wife replied . . . ‘I don’t think so, when I got up early this morning and looked closely at our kitchen windows, I noticed that they were dirty so I cleaned them’.

They both agreed it would have been a good idea to check first, to see if the windows were clean before making the initial and subsequent comments about the neighbours washing.

More importantly they realised that in life before we make any criticism of others, it is always a good idea to check our state of mind and consider if we are ready to see things clearly rather than at first glance identify that something is wrong.

Author Unknown

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Greet People like a Puppy

You don't have lick people's faces, but do show them that you're happy to see them. Puppies remember everyone and are always thrilled to see people.

When puppies greet us they are genuinely excited and that makes us feel good about ourselves. First impressions really do count, especially the first few seconds.

When you meet friends, workmates or new people, turn up the enthusiasm meter, make eye contact and smile.

Why do people love puppies, because puppies love people.

Source - Ways to Fly by Patrick William Moore

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Things are not always what they are seen to be;
the first appearance, glance, view, deceives or imposes on many


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