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The words we love to hear

It had been a very busy day with a number of client meetings, so when I parked my car in the city some distance from my last appointment, I was hoping that it would be a quick one so that I could then beat the afternoon city rush hour.

I had a very important family document that needed to be signed by a large government department and as I stepped out of the lift on the third floor, it was a relief to find that there were only two people ahead of me in what I had anticipated would be a long queue. This was my second visit to the department having collected a detailed set of guidelines for preparing the document which I had followed very carefully and double checked the final document, so I was expecting that it would be a simple and quick process.

Within a few minutes I was at the service counter and spent the next five minutes in discussion with the customer service attendant as he outlined why he considered that my documentation could not be signed and finalised. To say the least I was very annoyed with his overly rigorous interpretation of what needed to be done, so I asked him if there was any way he could help me to have the paperwork signed on the spot and avoid a further delay. His answer was not what I wanted to hear and he then handed me some additional forms and told me that I would need to take these away and complete them before they could finalise the documentation.  

Frustrated by what I considered to be such a negative and ‘by the book approach’ from the customer service attendant, I asked to speak to the department supervisor in the hope that I could resolve what I believed to be some very minor issues.

After a short wait the department supervisor came to the counter to speak to me and started his conversation with me by asking how he could help me. Upon hearing my explanation, he responded quickly by saying the words we always like to hear when we are hopeful that something can be resolved in our favour . . .  'if we can do this now, I can organise to have the paperwork signed immediately and you can be on your way'.

Within ten minutes the documentation was finalised and had been signed, so with a sense of relief and a big smile on my face, I was on my way.

As I got into the lift a member of staff joined me and greeted me with . . . 'Good afternoon, I can see that you are another one of our happy customers'. Initially, I was a little taken back by her comments and then responded that I was, adding that the department supervisor I had dealt with had been very helpful and quick to action and resolve the signing of an important document.  

She went on to say that the department supervisor I had dealt with was always very helpful with all their customers and was also a great boss to work for and with. What an absolute pleasure it was to hear her comments and as we both stepped out of the lift, she smiled and wished me all the very best.  

At that very moment I was reminded of a quote by W. Clement Stone . . . ‘There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.’

So, I was indeed very fortunate that the department supervisor had an attitude that made a difference and had been so helpful, equally it was great to be on my way so I could beat the afternoon city rush hour.

Written by Keith Ready
Inspired by a department supervisor who genuinely wanted to help all his customers.
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