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Positive Featured Inspirational Story - October 1 to October 30, 2011

It's music to your ears

Music, be it listened to, played, composed or appreciated in any other way, has had universal appeal since the dawn of time. Pundits have tried unsuccessfully to understand exactly where music fits into the evolution of life. It's just always been there, ever-ready to respond to our individual creative passion. Music resources our ability to cope with life, in so many ways.

Music is intensely personal

What's music to your ears may be noise to the next person. Like any other form of personal enjoyment, it's your inalienable right to make your own music choices. In that way, music assumes the dignity of reflecting something of the real you, your individuality, your creativity and your unique potential.

Music has incredibly powerful social value

It's one of the most powerful ways of connecting like-minded people. It goes way beyond connecting shared interests and mutually-enjoyed experiences. It brings together emotions, talents, passions, often touching the very souls of others.

Music is energy

Its magic generates, rejuvenates, re-energizes and restores the energy your ongoing resilience demands if you are to survive and thrive today's pressure-cooker lifestyle.

Music is the ultimate in true listening

Music appreciation requires your undivided attention. Anything less and the experience is diminished or lost. It's a wonderful way of learning that the real value of any business or social interaction comes through listening to hear rather than listening to interrupt.

Music is a universal language

Music talks, conveys feelings, breaks down barriers and unifies cultures. Music feeds our hunger to belong. It's the great communicator.

Music empowers you

Music in whatever form you interact with it, puts you back in tune with the real you that you so often repress in favour of being someone you think others expect you to be. The right music for you engenders a beautiful sense of inner peace, makes you feel good about yourself, increases your self-awareness and rekindles your sense of self worth. It reminds you that you're ok.

When you lose yourself in music that you love, you find yourself. That message changed my life a few years ago, when I was lost in a seemingly-endless fog of sadness and despair. It came in the form of an invitation to join a choir. I found myself again in the joy of shared singing. It lifted my spirits and my self esteem again began to soar. The real impact came in the ripple effect it spread throughout everything else in my life. My joy of shared singing expanded my world into a new joy of living.

Music is one of those unfathomable wonders of nature. From whence it came we know not, nor why. But be it a symphony of nature's sounds sights and smells, or the product of creative human emotions, music lives in the very essence of life's joys, colour and grandeur.

Written by Peter Nicholls
Peter is Australia's People Gardener (growing better people) and is an Adelaide-based Lifestyle Mentor. His latest book . . .'The Hunger to Grow' focuses on his special area of interest, helping people turn their dream second half of life into a reality.
To learn more about the work of Peter and his latest book, please visit his website at . . .  Australia's People Gardener >>>

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