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Success - luck or choice

The foundation of success goes largely unnoticed. Success is almost always built in small, inconspicuous stages. When a major accomplishment is attained the world notices. Recognition is quick. It seems everyone takes notice. Yet while the accomplishment is happening, while the hard work and effort is being executed it rarely draws any attention at all.

If attention is only focused on the finished product, it would appear that success is available only to the lucky few. However when we go behind the scenes, a completely different picture appears.

The opera singer who gives a standout performance received with a standing ovation has practiced and rehearsed offstage hour after hour, day after day, year after year. The overnight successful business owner who appeared to be in the right spot at the right time worked unnoticed late into the night, month after month to get there.

Success and accomplishment are not limited to those who are lucky. They are available to anyone who chooses to be disciplined, focused, persistent, committed, positive and enthusiastic. True, from time to time luck can play a role in success. However luck bestowed upon anyone is only ever significant for those who choose to turn opportunity into success. Success like the colour of the shirt we wear is a choice. Our approach to life is a choice. I believe we should consciously make success a chosen way of life.

Set out on all your journeys throughout life with the end in mine. Choose to make success the destination for all your life's undertakings. Provide your life with the stewardship it requires for ultimate success, fulfilled happiness. The first step in achieving success in anything starts and ends with a choice.

There is no question that luck plays a role in life and where it can sometimes lead us. But remember the ability for anyone or any situation to impact on our emotions, is the result of our response to such experiences. No one can make you feel any particular way until you first empower them to do so. The power of our feelings remains ours. We choose how we will respond to the daily dynamics in life. Don't give that responsibility to anyone other than yourself.

We are the captains of our life sailing through the many different climatic conditions life presents. We decide what direction we take. We ultimately adjust our sails for a new course of direction. Happy Sailing

Written by Mark Horton  

Mark Horton is the Author of 'Power to Choose Challenge to Change'

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